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15″ Martin Saddlery Crown C Barrel Saddle in great condition!  Very comfortable to ride in and light weight.  Gorgeous rough out design with the right amount of tooling and beads.  Kept inside and is in great shape.
The Crown C’s specific design helps barrel racers maintain proper body position and stability during a run. It employs attributes that aid barrel racers in absorbing those quick jarring movements common with today’s faster, more athletic barrel horses. When championships are determined by hundredths of a second, the Crown C gives riders a competitive advantage that truly makes a difference in their performance.


Saddle in perfect shape!

Has a very unique way to fit

Shipping Available WORLDWIDE

martin crown c saddle

1 review for Buy 15″ Martin Saddlery Crown C Saddle

  1. Bradly Bills

    Lovely saddle
    Would you negotiate the price ?

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