14.5″ Martin Saddlery Western Roping Saddle New -06617

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This time, Martin Saddlery has really outdone themselves! This rich chestnut saddle is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind. The edges of the saddle are finished with a black stain, which brings out the chestnut hue. This saddle has a ring border and waffle stamp tooling. The saddle’s double skirts feature rounded edges to make it lighter and more versatile. This saddle has a hard seat and is entirely made of smooth leather. A matching breast collar and rear cinch are included.



Weight: Approx. 41 lbs

Gullet: 7″ mid-concho to mid concho

Finished Seat Size: 14.5″

Skirt Length: 26.5″

Tree Size: 15″

Martin Saddlery Western Roping Saddle

1 review for 14.5″ Martin Saddlery Western Roping Saddle New -06617

  1. Mark Ariel

    It does make a lot of sense.. same saddle I’ve been searching for but 15.5 seat size.

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